Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil





Color: green


  • One Stop Allergy Relief Treatment – ease allergies symptoms like itching, scratching, paw licking and boost your pet’s defense against seasonal, food and environmental allergies.
  • Ultimate Skin and Coat Supplement – Omega-rich bites ease hotspot, reduce shedding & hair loss, improve soft shiny fur growth. As effective as pure liquid salmon oil or pills, but without fishy smell.
  • Omega-3 for Hip & Joints and Heart Health – vitamins and vital amino acids provide joint support, strong bones, improve doggy’s energy & mobility of any life stage. Essential for puppy and senior dog
  • Healthy Chews Pets Actually Love – we have not only created an effective anti-shedding chewable supplement, we’ve also made sure that our canine customers love the taste with chicken and bacon flavors
  • 180ct per Jar or 3 Month Supply of Anti Itch Vitamins – best value for money and uncompromised product quality. Take care of your pet from paws to tail at amazing price.

Package Dimensions: 92x162x590

Details: Keep your pet allergy-free and help maintain healthy shiny coat with Omega Treats. These chewables are effective skin and coat supplements, packed with Salmon Oil sourced Omega-3-6-0 fatty acids, that together with other elements, work to provide most comprehensive itch and allergy relief treatment on the market. These treats contain daily dose of essential element needed to support soft and shine coat, reduce shedding, eliminate dry itchy skin, hotspots and other skin conditions. What is Omega for dogs? Omega is a group of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. If your chemistry is a bit rusty, we’ve broken it down for you. Fatty acids: they are building blocks for good general health. They store energy, help body absorb certain vitamins and play a huge role in how the body functions as a whole. Essential: this is a short way of saying that your dog’s body can’t produce the fatty acids on its own. They must be taken from food or supplements Polyunsaturated: this part means that Omega is a healthy type of fat. You’ve probably heard of good fats and bad fats. This is the good one, that you want to make sure your dog doesn’t run low on. Suitable for dogs of all breeds, large and small, all ages. For puppies, omega will help support their underdeveloped immune systems, improve cognitive functions, memory and learning ability, while for adult and senior dogs omega will support healthy skin and coat while improving mobility, easing inflammations and help with wound healing. Chews are easy to serve, as most pets consider it to be a treat, unlike pills, tablets or powder that you need to cover up or sneak into dogs food.

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