100% Pure Wild Alaskan Sa




Brand: NuLife Natural Pet Health


  • For a beautifully soft, shiny coat – Our wild salmon oil dog supplement has a number of wonderful benefits for your canine friend. It’s packed full of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid which helps keep their skin and coat, healthy, soft, shiny & smooth. Besides providing a beautiful & lustrous coat, our dog salmon oil is known to help reduce dog skin allergies, dry itchy skin, hot spots & dog shedding.
  • Help your pets stay in great shape – The natural DHA and EPA rich fatty acids found in our pet salmon oil have been shown to improve and maintain overall pet health by supporting joint, heart, and immune function to keep your furbaby feeling lively and active every day.
  • 100% safe and all natural – Wild caught, exclusively from the icy clean waters of Alaska using only sustainable and responsible fishing methods safe for dolphins and other protected species. Our wild salmon oil for dogs liquid contains no rosemary extract, additives or preservatives that could potentially harm your dog. Just 100% of the purest, most potent wild salmon oil dogs supplement on the market, ready to help improve your pet’s health.
  • A tasty treat that’s low odor & mess-free – For pet parents looking for an alternative to capsules or soft chews, all it takes is a few quick pumps from our mess-free dispenser to easily mix-in with your dogs wet or dry food. You’ll find small, medium, and large breeds simply can’t get enough of the rich nutritious taste of our omega 3 wild alaskan salmon oil.
  • A supplement you can trust – Our salmon oil for dogs 32oz is human grade quality, NON GMO, mercury free and molecularly distilled to remove all toxins and heavy metals, what’s more it’s made right here in the USA in a GMP certified facility. Rest assured we make every effort to improve the health and happiness of every pooch with our salmon oil for dogs skin and coat supplement. If for any reason you’re not entirely satisfied with our product we’ll refund your purchase, hassle-free.

Package Dimensions: 115x258x962

Details: 为什么要购买 NuLife 野生阿拉斯加三文鱼油液体?
液态鱼油补充剂已经证明有助于保持您的宠物身体和大脑形状。 我们的三文鱼油液体中的欧米茄 3 脂肪酸为狗狗提供许多健康功效,从健康的皮肤和皮料到减少狗狗皮肤过敏,提供更好的心脏功能,甚至减少关节疼痛。 但并非所有狗狗的鱼油都是相等的。 选择北大西洋的野生三文蒙上的野生橙子,因为野力被广泛认为 Omega 3 适合狗狗、环保、显著减少卡路里和饱和脂肪,拥有远远超的健康和营养好处。
NuLife 野生阿拉斯加三文鱼油液体是适合任何地方狗狗补充剂的最佳鱼油之一。 可持续且负责任地来源于阿拉斯加的洁净冰冷水域,它的分子已经清除了所有毒素的纯度,并经过精良的效能,不会产生异味。
NuLife 野生阿拉斯加三文鱼油可以为您的狗狗做些什么?
– EPA 是一种抗炎作用,可帮助应对任何导致心脏、肾、皮肤和关节炎炎炎的状况。
– DHA,在小狗大脑和眼睛发展方面非常重要,建议怀孕或哺乳宠物使用。
– 有助于缓解因过敏引起的炎症,并减少干燥、瘙痒的皮肤。 这也可能是可能减少热点发生率的有效方法。
– 促进光泽健康,并可减少脱落。
NuLife 野生阿拉斯加三文鱼油保证含有市场上最纯净、最有力的鱼油,为您的宠物提供最佳营养。 我们的野生三文鱼油是全天然、人类级别,美国制造,不含任何添加剂或防腐剂。