Western Star Soccer Ball




Brand: Western Star

Color: Laser Blue


  • Tough-N-Ready For Every Kick: Kids & adults play soccer with fierce determination as they should! Players need a soccer ball made to withstand their strongest dribbles and passes for practices and game-time. Western Star Soccer Balls are reliable tough through every action. Size 3 (23″-24″) is great for ages 8 and under. Size 4 (25” to 26”) is ideal for kickers between 8 & 12 years old, while Size 5 (27” to 28”) is a great choice for those 12 through adult. All ages love how they look & handle!
  • How Does It Stay So Strong?: Athletes want to know they can wind up with all their might on these strong soccer balls. Coaches and parents take interest in the details. We chose a butyl bladder rather than less expensive rubber options to ensure our soccer balls have staying power, better responsiveness, and great shape and air retention all season long. Thick, 4-ply construction in a 32-panel form makes it even more durable. (Ships Deflated, No Pump)
  • Elevate Your Game: You want excellent-quality recreational products that are cost effective for your budget. Especially in athletic supplies, because the cheap stuff won’t last and the overpriced goods aren’t worth it. Western Star focuses on premium elements and craftsmanship delivered at reasonable prices. After all, you’ll want to throw a pizza party after all those winning soccer games!
  • Stand Out From The Crowd: With serious durability & construction goals mastered, the Western Star team knew we wanted to offer an exceptionally attractive outer look. The helix design scores big-time—kids, adults, spectators, and everyone else seems to adore this dynamic soccer ball pattern. Choose from 5 colors: Amber Orange, Crimson Red, Dart Green, Hot Pink, and Navy Blue. Inflate to your liking, and your sleek new ball is ready to find the back of the net.
  • Your Trustworthy Teammate: Count on us as a sincere team player when it comes to sporting goods like size 3, 4 and size 5 soccer balls. Sports are more than just spare-time fun and games. They’re an important, healthy part of family life and require high-quality supplies. Our 30-day promise and ongoing support means we’re here for you when you need us, teammate!

Package Dimensions: 132x230x441

Details: Get your balls in your favorite colors! Blue, green, red, orange and pink! Get the best bang for your buck! We source our balls from the same factories as Nike and Adidas! With our unique, butyl bladder system, we offer the ability to retain air better than a traditional latex bladder. Additionally, the butyl bladder offers increased responsiveness when kicked, as well as a better shape retention for the ball. On the outer shell, we offer a 4-ply, thick PVC covering. The ball offers a traditional 32 panel system so that the balls move more predictably through the air. This offers the user better control and increased performance. With the thick outer shell, you can take this ball anywhere! Perfect for outdoor or indoor settings. We currently offer size a women’s size 4 and mens 5 sizes. ***Ships Deflated *** Western Star has been in business for 30 years and looks to bring that experience and knowledge to you. If you are not satisfied with your product in any way, we will provide you with a full refund. No questions asked!

UPC: 688099839635