Silicone Baby Spoons for




Brand: Sperric

Color: Pink


  • FIRST STAGE SPOONS. As your baby is transitioning to solids, these silicone spoons will aid in developing their skill of self-feeding and at the same time, sharpening their motor skills. It is designed with those tiny hands in mind, so it should be easy to grasp and soft to touch.
  • GENTLE ON BABY’S GUMS – Made with selected soft silicone, these spoons are soft on the gums and protect infant’s teeth. Unlike other baby spoons on the market, ours are BPA-free and made at to ensure you safety to your baby’s health
  • Developing Dexterity – Set the building blocks in place for finger strength and control with SPERRIC — the occupational therapist recommended baby and toddler spoon! As your kiddos feed themselves, they develop fine and gross motor skills, setting them up to color, draw, and write in the months to come!
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Think of giving these 2 silicone feeding spoon set as a gift for the baby shower and any other special occasion
  • EASY MAINTENANCE – Cleaning the silicone is super easy! l recommended by specialists. Simply rinse them off with soapy warm water. They are also dishwasher safe for no-hassle cleaning

Package Dimensions: 47x97x59

Details: Support independence and self-feeding with these baby silicone spoons

Watch Your Baby Master Holding the Spoon and Feeding Himself

Being a first time mom brings you challenges throughout your baby’s early stages; one of them is preparing and feeding during meal time. Mastering the whole eating thing can be a hassle, but SPERRIC introduces these led weaning silicone spoons thoughtfully designed to master the art of eating by themselves. What makes these spoons effective than other traditional baby spoons is their shape and size that allows your baby to confidently grasp and put food food in his mouth. The soft-tip and excellent depth allows your little one scoop good portions without putting too much food at once, thus
reducing the risk of choking. It may still be a long way to go, but at least you’re supporting independence and set your infant up for success with our first feeding set. Designed with Food-Grade Safe Materials Made with food-grade silicone, these spoons meet the safety standards by the to ensure your baby use feeding products. Our baby supplies are BPA-free, and easy to clean. Attractive Colors The pack includes 2 spoons, each pair featuring light blue and green colors which encourage self-feeding to babies. These are the perfect set for baby shower gift, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and much more. What are you waiting for? Invest in self-independence by clicking add to cart today!

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