Pawfume Dog Shampoo and C




Brand: Paw Fume

Color: Show Dog, Blue Ribbon


  • 🐩Veterinarian Certified: Pawfume’s veterinary formula dog shampoo and conditioner will be a non-negotiable in your collection of dog grooming supplies. Our moisturizing dog shampoo and conditioner for dogs guarantees a softer, healthier coat!
  • 🐩Professionally Formulated: Pamper your pet with one of the best professional dog shampoo conditioner options in the market. Ours may be the best smelling dog shampoo (hypoallergenic!) & premium go-to dog shampoo for strong odor concerns.
  • 🐩Detangling Dog Shampoo: Not only is this a dog shampoo that smells good & a dog conditioner, its also a dog conditioner detangler! Pawfume’s ph-balanced formula is the best dog shampoo for smelly dogs & is a luxuriously deodorizing dog shampoo.
  • 🐩Salon-Quality Botanicals: Get ready for long-lasting freshness! Whether you’re looking for a dog shampoo for white dogs, black dog shampoo, small dogs shampoo or baby dog shampoo (puppies!) our pet shampoo conditioner for dogs will over-perform!
  • 🐩Dog Odor Shampoo: Pawfume’s signature fragrance lasts long after bathtime is over (5X longer!) The scent of fine botanicals and premium conditioners will be wafting through your home – this is no ordinary dog shampoo!

Package Dimensions: 51x231x408

Details: Pawfume’s Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is eco friendly, hypoallergenic, and ph balanced with our protective, probiotic therapy. It is designed for all dog breeds to promoted healthier, better smelling skin and coat. Salon-quality botanicals and premium conditioners pair for long-lasting and effective freshness. All Pawfume grooming and wellness products are hypoallergenic, alcohol free, sulfate free and veterinarian certified for healthier dogs and happier humans. Show Dog Scent profile: A soft and clean blend of white lily, powdery musk and amber. Blue Ribbon Scent profile: A sweet and fruity cocktail of fresh melon, pear and raspberry.

UPC: 763138831044