Dawn Platinum Erasing Dis




Brand: Dawn


  • Absorbs 5X More Grease (vs. Dawn Ultra Original)
  • No need to fill the sink with waterapply one pump to a damp sponge and wash dishes until theyre done.Contains fragrance allergen
  • One pump cleans a sinkfull of dishes (based on average load)
  • Fresh Rapids scent
  • Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam, Dishwashing Soap Refill, Fresh Rapids Scent

Package Dimensions: 99x230x1420

Details: Pump up the clean with Dawn Platinum Erasing foaming dish soap! Featuring a breakthrough technology that turns liquid formula into powerful foam, Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam can change the way you do your dishes. Its powerful foaming hand soap absorbs 5X more grease*, breaking down and removing grease from dirty dishes, pots, and pans. No need to fill the sink—one pump applied to a damp sponge will wash the dishes until they’re done. Money-saving refill bottle lets you refill your Dawn Dish Foam pump bottle three times with ease.
*Vs. Dawn Ultra Original.
Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam refill bottles let you reuse your Dawn Dish Foam pump as many times as you’d like. Simply pump, refill, and repeat!
Absorbs 5X more grease*
*Vs. Dawn Ultra Original
Just one pump cleans a sink full of dirty dishes
Apply one pump to a damp sponge and wash dishes until they’re done What’s in the Box
Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam pump and refill bottle Try the Dawn Platinum Collection
Each Dawn Platinum product gives you 3X more everyday grease cleaning power*
*Per drop based on cleaning ingredients vs. non-ultra Joy Dishwashing Tips Baked-on food? Greasy residue? Here are tips for making dish cleanup a little easier when hand-washing your dishes.
Get the cleanest of clean. Wash simple glasses and flatware first, and save the dirtiest pots and pans for last. This cleanest-to-dirtiest order helps keep grease and other residue from making a mess of your kitchen sink.
Don’t go scrub crazy. Let a powerful dish soap do most of the work for you. Use Dawn Platinum because it provides the power of an overnight soak in just 3 minutes. To finish the job on heavy metal and untreated pots and pans, try a scouring pad. But for ceramic, glass, aluminum, and enameled or nonstick pots and pans, reach for a less abrasive nylon-mesh pad.
Waterline woes. When glass vases and pitchers develop waterlines or hard-water spots, try rubbing the line with a lemon half with the seeds removed. If the waterline remains, soak the glass overnight in a bath of white vinegar and water and then hand-wash.
Uncloud crystal. Because crystal is softer than glass, its surface is easier to scratch. And crystal pieces cannot withstand extreme temperatures, so don’t put them in the dishwasher. Your best bet for maintaining their sparkle is to line your sink with a towel and gently wash crystal with dishwashing liquid and warm water.
Get brilliant baby bottles. Use some dish liquid and some warm water to clean your dishes and your baby bottles. As always, be sure to read the usage instructions on the baby bottles before you wash.

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