d’Alba Italian Whit



Brand: d’alba Piedmont


  • Over 15M bottles sold globally, this bestseller has over 100,000 reviews on the official d’Alba website. Loved by global makeup artists and celebrities.
  • NO Surfactants- separates the formula into 2 layers, Serum layers(White Truffle Extract) and Oil layers(d’Alba-8 blending oil). Shake well to mix thoroughly.
  • Serum Layer contains Italian white truffle extract, niacinamide, chia seed extract. Serum Layer helps skin relief, presents higher elasticity, and GLOW face.
  • Oil layer contains avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, other plant-based oils. It locks in moisture and lits radiance to ones skin. This unique formula provides instant hydration and moisture retention.
  • Multi-functional: mist + serum + setting spray. Used both in skincare and makeup in any and every step, Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic spray,

Package Dimensions: 47x159x181

Details: 1. With being sold over than 10 million bottles, the spray serum is known as the best spray serum in more than 120 beauty stores solely in South Korea and is also exported throughout 15 other global countries. As there are over 70,000 reviews on the official d’Alba website, multiple restockings are required. This premium mist serum is highly acknowledged by Korean celebrities and is loved by makeup artists as well as flight attendants 2. The infusion of white truffle, carefully extracted from Piedmont, Italy, delivers ample minerals and nutrients to the skin. Piedmont is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Unlike other types of mushrooms, white truffle requires a specific extraction process, one that d’Alba guarantees the safety of 3. The addition of other organic substances such as avocado oil, a well known superfood, sunflower seed oil, and chica seed extract allow a natural skin healing process, contributing to enhancements in skin relief, skin elasticity, and glow 4. The exclusion of all surfactants layers the serum into a serum level and an essence level. After shaking, the two layers mix thoroughly, ready to seep into your pores and instantaneously moisturize the skin with a glow 5. With multi functions, this first spray serum works as a mist/serum/setting spray. Use it both in your skincare/makeup routine in any and every step *Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic